The West End Fish Bar first opened in 1949 supplying the people of Street with good, nourishing fish and chips in post war Britain where most foods were still rationed.

In 1962 the West End Fish Bar was taken over by the Sturgess family, and is now being successfully run by the third generation of the family.

In the early years fish was delivered daily from Grimsby, but with dwindling stocks in the North Sea we decided to make the change to frozen at sea fish. Now all our fish is sourced from sustainable stocks in the North Atlantic and Barents Sea.

Top quality potatoes are mainly sourced from growers in East Anglia with whom we have built up a good relationship over the last 30 years.

When a major refurbishment was made in 2006 it was decided that in order to reduce our carbon footprint we would import the latest high efficiency frying range from Holland. At the same time we stopped using polystyrene for wrapping and made the move to more environmentally friendly packaging.